How Wow Math Works

Many students develop “Maths Phobia” in the early years of schooling. Why does this happen to children at a tender age when the mind is open to learning? Is it because of the curriculum or it depends on the mathematics teachers and the way they teach?

WOW MATHS brings an innovative method of concept explanation and empowers the teacher with better mathematical tools which will inculcate student’s interest in Maths and will leave long lasting impression on the young minds.


It offers a visual rich learning. Computations are carried out with extensive use of visuals. Diagrams and bar models are used to represent numbers and computations

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Focuses and builds key concepts with learner involvement. Concepts are developed through induction, starting in an informal fashion. Mathematical terms are introduced and explained in learner friendly manner.

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Abstract ideas and mathematical statements are transformed into concrete visual understanding.

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Learning of new concepts is constantly connected to previously taught concepts.

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There are opportunities for students to transfer knowledge and put them to use. These also serve as formative assessment tools.

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Students are exposed to challenging situations, the emphasis is on thinking and problem solving. Encourages critical thinking.

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The textbooks have the pedagogy which is rooted in its approach. It is not teacher dependent.

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Teachers have opportunities to learn content knowledge and support through tips to teach children effectively.

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A collection of tasks which check knowledge and comprehension and provide opportunities for application, analysis and strong
conceptual development.

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Provides independent practice.

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