Maths Fun & Games


Wow Games include different range of Mathematics Games and Logical Thinking Games. These games add fun and learning for children simultaneously. As defined by NCF 2005, mathematisation of thinking is an important objective of Mathematics. It refers to the process of interpreting or expressing mathematically and WOW Games aim to facilitate this mathematically driven way of life. Since WOW Games are challenging, have rules and structure, include a clear ending point and focus on specific math skills, they help children learn math without anxiety or fear of failure. Advantages of WOW Games include:

  • WOW Games give kids a practical way to practice math skills.
  • WOW Games are about strategy as well as basic number skills.
  • These games build motivation and develop logical thinking
  • They support concept development and include multiple assessment opportunities
  • They promote positive attitude towards mathematics and make it engaging and enriching


Some of our fun math games are:

  • Sum Safari Game

Sum Safari is a fun game appropriate for 2 to 4 players above the age of 5 years. This game helps in developing the basic skill of addition and subtraction. As the children engage themselves in game, they explore and apply properties of addition and subtraction.


  • Swap 4 Game

Swap 4 is a challenge game which is easy to learn and fun to play for 2 to 4 players of age 6+. It is a perfect combination of Mathematics and Strategy. It helps children practice their basic math skill of addition, subtraction and multiplication. The real fun starts when you swap your opponent. The player wins if he aligned his 4 pawns in a horizontal or vertical or diagonal line.


  • Dino Place Value Park

A 2-4 player game helps children in learning about adding and subtracting in tens, grouping in tens and the language of exchange/trading. Have your children enter the dinosaur park where a hungry dinosaur prowls! Players must fill their park boards with base ten units and rods to escape the dinosaur. To do this, they finish a variety of simple math tasks as they move along the game board. The game


  • The Math Rush Game

The Math Rush Game is a fun, fast-paced dice and board game for 2 to 4 players above the age of 6 years. This game not just helps children in development of basic math skills but also in strategizing their thinking.


  • Traffic Escape

A logical, thinking, fun game that provides 80 challenges from beginners to expert level. Every challenge tells you set up cars and trucks on the board. The objective is to get your red car through exit by sliding block cars and trucks to clear out the path.


  • Addition and Subtraction Zap

A cards game appropriate for 2 or more players above the age of 5 years. It helps in development of mental arithmetic and basic skill of addition and subtraction.


  • Multiplication Zap

A cards game appropriate for 2 or more players above the age of 6 years. It helps in automatisation of times tables and practicing multiplication facts.


  • Target 36

A Cards game in 4 variations caters primary graders to middle/higher graders. The objective of the game is to get 36 by combining different numbers and operations of mathematics.