E3 Edusolutions offer schools a fun-tastic way of celebrate mathematics through a Math festival: ‘The Math-o-Mania’.

This is an exciting school-wide event to expose students, teachers, and parents to key critical mathematics topics in a positive, self exploratory way. Math-o-Mania is designed for Kindergarten through 8th grade students with loads of activities and challenges appropriate for differential ability levels.

It is designed as a one or two day event with different or integrated themes like Algebra, Geometry and Numbers. Different stations are planned with each station being multi-grade and highly interactive. Children use everything from connecting cubes to attributing blocks to solve their tasks. The stations bring out the excitement in children through different board games, pattern making activities and its varied range of maths games. The games and activities are designed keeping in focus the development of a child’s numeracy, skills, critical reasoning, logical thinking and visual-spatial understanding.

The event is a step to break the myth around Maths and ensure that enthusiastic learners discover the fun elements of Maths. During Math-o-mania, when mathematics is the centre of attention all day long, you can bring richer mathematics into the school and work together with children and teachers from all grades to jointly solve problems. Teachers and volunteers of schools are guided by the Math-o-mania team, so that it becomes clear to them how to organize such a day. We show teachers how they can facilitate children in future and reflect on the activities to make mathematics teaching more robust.

Math-o-mania is about:

Making Math learning Exciting and Fun
Having more and more enthusiastic children and teachers
Professional development of teachers