Maths Phobia


 Do numbers scare your children?

Does your child try to avoid solving Maths problems?

Does your child feel very nervous every time he/ she has to sit for a Maths test?


This may be a common scenario in many classrooms. The reasons can be many, ranging from lack of willingness and interest to difficulty in understanding and applying concepts.

A large number of children show ‘Maths Anxiety’, they express or demonstrate feelings of tension and anxiety that interfere with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of daily life and academic situations.

Maths Anxiety stems out of these common beliefs:

  • There is a “best” way or “correct” way to complete math problem.
  • Men are naturally better than women at mathematical thinking
  • Maths requires logic, not creativity
  • You have to have a “mathematical mind” to understand math
  • To be good at mathematics you have to be good at calculating

However, researches have shown that none of these are true!!

For many children, Maths is associated with frustration, feeling of being unsuccessful and negative experiences such as red marks in the exercises. Persistent anxiety in situations involving Maths leads to Maths phobia that can cause one to forget and loose one’s self-confidence. It affects a student's attitude towards the subject. Such conditioned attitudes create learning road blocks and turn out to serious obstacles for teachers.

What can help dealing with the phobia?

  1. Movement from traditional classroom to experiential classroom
  2. A collaborative approach to learning - shift from passive learning to active participation.
  3. Memorization of mathematics to be replaced by building mathematical skills.
  4. Design learning opportunities which offer multiple ways of grasping a concept.
  5. Present mathematical concepts and skills in an order from concrete to pictorial to abstract
  6. Increased usage of manipulatives will create greater interest and better understanding of concepts.

Maths Fun-tastic

WOW MATHS, a complete solution dedicated to make Maths Fun-tastic makes the journey from phobia to fun an easy deal. It offers a full range of Maths teaching aids which include math lab activities, mathematical games, hand outs, work sheets, math quizzes and teacher trainings. While the traditional math instruction often relies on memorization and drill, WOW Maths offers a curriculum that is logical, conceptual, and problem solving-based. It works as well with remedial students as with gifted students.

As a result, once young children see math as fun, they will enjoy it, and the joy of mathematics could remain with them for the rest of their lives.