School Curriculum

Based on the Singapore model, WOW Maths is a series of eight textbooks specially designed to meet the mathematical needs and wants of primary and middle school students in India, by incorporating the proven problem solving strategies and heuristics commonly used in the Singapore maths curriculum.

Besides promoting critical and creative thinking in mathematics, the WOW MATHS series introduces the Singapore Bar (or Model) Method-a powerful visualization and problem-solving heuristic used to solve word problems and to help students gain a better insight into mathematical concepts across all eight grades.

The series infuses the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach of learning and teaching interwoven with the bar model method. This blend makes the teaching of mathematical concepts much simple and easier. The simpler and effective strategies will not only motivate the students to learn a new topic, concept or skill, but will also make the learning of mathematics more meaningful and relevant to their everyday life.

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