Maths learning and approaches to teaching of mathematical concepts have evolved over years. There has been a shift in the role of teachers and the contribution they are expected to make in a child’s learning process. Keeping up with the changing practices, roles and expectations is a challenge for a teacher in the ever dynamic classroom.

To facilitate a successful teaching learning experience for the teachers, we organize, Pedagogy Training and Subject Training for creating effective and enjoyable classrooms, where children actively participate and carve their learning paths. Our teacher training focuses on improving classroom practice through teaching learning material, lesson planning, and appropriate teaching styles.

Singapore Maths is one of the world’s leading elementary curricula which if implemented with the right training will help both teacher and children to realize their potential to the fullest. WOW Maths offers Singapore Maths based logical, conceptual, and problem solving-based curriculum along with a strong support and foundation in the training for teachers. The trainings aim to assist schools successfully transition to the WOW Maths approach (Singapore Math based methods).

We understand, one size doesn’t fit all. The dynamic classrooms have dynamic needs. To match the needs and demands of your specific classrooms, we also customize many of our workshops to specific needs of individual schools.

The interactive, involved and application approach of our seminars and workshops demonstrates examples of Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract approach in teaching mathematics and provide opportunities to the participants to practice the same.

Our teacher training programme focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning in schools. Its main purpose is:

  • To build critical thinking skills in our children by developing mathematical understanding of the problems they solve.
  • To build teacher capacity in delivering the curriculum while generating interest and willingness in learners.
  • To strengthen teachers’ subject knowledge and capacity of effectively transferring it to the learners.
  • To facilitate conceptual understanding rather than procedural knowledge through Concrete Pictorial Abstract Approach
  • To create focus on holistic development of the students by equipping teachers with child centric, innovative teaching methods.
  • To enable teachers in using different manipulatives for teaching and learning of mathematics effectively

Academic Support

Our academic support programme produces a widerange of resources and methods which strengthens the students’ learning process, helps the teacher in effective classroom discourse and improves the overall Maths learning standards. We also provide workshops that specifically focus on building fluency with games and activities.

Math services and resources include:

  • Singapore Maths adoption and implementation consulting services
  • Singapore Math teacher training workshops
  • Training on-site (for schools using the WOW Maths curriculum)
  • Co-teaching sessions and long-term mentoring
  • Parent workshops
  • Problem Solving and Heuristics
  • Teaching techniques like model drawing, building Mental math strategies, place value understanding
  • Concept-based workshops ( can be tailored to school requirements)
  • Learning Maths, the play way
  • Classroom observation/feedback and one-on-one instructional coaching

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