Vision & Mission


“ Mathematics should be visualized as the vehicle to train a child to think,reason, analyse and articulate logically. Apart from being a specific subject, it should be treated as a concomitant to any subject involving analysis and reasoning.”

Many students develop “Maths Phobia” in the early years of schooling. Why does this happen to children at a tender age when the mind is open to learning? Is it because of the curriculum or it depends on the mathematics teachers and the way they teach?

WOW MATHS brings an innovative method of concept explanation and empowers the teacher with better mathematical tools which will inculcate student’s interest in Maths and will leave long lasting impression on the young minds.



“It is more useful to know how to Mathematise than to know a lot of Mathematics.” – David Wheeler

The main goal of Wow Maths is to Mathematize a child’s thinking, engage and empower learners to solve challenging problems, plan steps of mathematical processes and internalize the fact thatMaths is Fun-tastic.

We aim to fill up gaps in the current Mathematical learning practices by:

  • Connecting knowledge to life outside school
  • Examining child’s logical thinking abilities rather than just procedural knowledge.
  • Enriching teachers with a variety of mathematical resources.

Use of heuristics (problem solving strategies